Animal throttle lever

How will your throttle lever look like?

"So our customer lost a piece of his boat:

Instead of exchanging the whole throttle lever we designed him an individual replacement. As you can see, we added some nice details for him to make it even more special. Yes, we can 3D print all your favorite animal on a boat part!"

The classic throttle levers, are black, bulky, standardized and not very appealing. Sometimes they also lost a piece, or are at least broken... Quite a pity for such an important boat instrument!

  • (-) almost the same boring shape on every boat
  • (-) less sustainable for such an important instrument
  • (-) cheap design, with no respect to the application area

We offer custom designs for any throttle lever dimension and size. We create a design based on your requirement. Both, technically and creaively purpose is possible. I.e. with animals of the sea, compass or your boat name on it. The limits are only your imagination. In this case we used a high quality flexible material to make the use very comfortable and appealing, just as the customer requested.

  • (+) full design freedom according to your imagination
  • (+) customized surface, text and graphics
  • (+) Material and color are selected according to your preferences


Please complete our contact form HERE so we can design you an individual solution and get you a special offer.

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