CLIPPER sun cover

Tired of looking for your instrument cover?

"One of our customers is, so we designed him a new one. One that will never get lost again because it's attached to the monitor. One less thing to worry about.
Bonus feature: he also got his own branding on the cover!"

The typical sun cover needs to be stored somewhere while the display is in use. Once you are done, you need to find the cover and place it back on the correct display. Usually it is not so easy to identify the exact cover and required position for the right display. Due to strong wind, a cover can also get lost sometimes and is difficult to replace.

  • (-) storing necessary
  • (-) only standard sizes available
  • (-) one brand one cover design, no differences

Our sun cover design sits directly on top of the display. Just open the lid and close it at the bottom. You can customize the dimension according to your needs as well as place your own logo, boat, pattern or device name on it to personalize it.

  • (+) cover stays with the display
  • (+) any size and shape possible
  • (+) individual customization (logo, name, ...) for each cover


Take a closer look at our online store: Products - Sun Cover

If you need to have any other shape or sizes, please complete our contact form HERE so we can design you an individual solution and get you a special offer.

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