Custom Modular Electric Main Panel

 Solvit3D_3D Printed Switch Panel

A modular Distribution Panel is a great solution for any Nav Station, Boat Office or other spaces. This can be used to control all of the electrical outlets in an area with one small unit that you can mount on the wall. It keeps everything organized and makes it easy for anyone who has to work with electricity to have access to all of the switches in one place, which allows them to diagnose problems and fix them faster.

Solvit3D_Random Panel

Why we use 3D Printed Parts instead?

3D printers are becoming more common in serial manufacturing and industrial design. 3D printing is especially useful in marine applications where the quantity is limited and variations are quite common. Thus, there are no limits to the size, surface texture, materials and shape when designing a 3D printed control panel.

Selecting the Switches

The switch is the most important component of the electric panel. It allows users to change the state of a device or system, such as turning on lights or starting a process. The arrangement and number of switches can be different for various applications. For example, if your ship was refitted several times over the years. Each time, new equipment was installed and the number of switches became insufficient. You can count yourself lucky if you still have an empty slot/unit, because otherwise you will have to adapt the existing control panel to your current needs first. The electrical panel can become a wild jumble of brand names and switch sizes, making it much more difficult to operate and maintain a boat.

What if I tell you there's no need to buy new expensive hardware anymore?

You can now create exactly the panel you need with 3D printing technology! With this revolutionary technology, any shape can be easily reproduced from scratch without any limitation whatsoever (unless material restrictions apply). For example, if we want three rows of switches instead of two rows then we would simply remove the old base panel, create a row design according to the lates requirements, wire it up and set it in place. More space for equipment, same function, different design, but it still looks like an OEM solution.

Solvit3D_Main Electric Panel


Decide your Components

The other most important components of an electric panel are the instruments, gauges and indicators. Let’s take a look at each one individually:

  • Instruments: These are the main controls for your boat. They include things like battery management, shore power and solar/ wind power. They all come with different brands and sizes. In the past, it was difficult to create a nice arrangement.
  • Gauges: These display inform about how well your vessel is doing (for example, they can show how much fuel you have left in the tank, or what temperature your oil is). Depending on how many components you have selected, it will also be difficult to even arrange them in a way that makes sense for the system using standard components.
  • Indicators: These lights help you know if items are active, or when something is happening with the engine or other parts of your boat (for example, they might light up if there isn't enough power going through certain circuits). Wouldn't it be nice to have then a floor plan of your boat, showing all the systems running or detecting problems? Troubleshooting is much easier then, isn't it?

3D printing allows you to realize your vision of a custom control panel without spending a lot of money on pre-built panels. Instead, you can create your own layout and continue using the items you already have.

 Solvit3D_Modular Distribution Panel

If you choose our stainless steel back panel, you have the option to customize individual sections within the panel frame. So if you want to add new equipment, additions or customization, you just need to take out the one panel module and replace it with the modified or pre-assembled version for you. If necessary, you can also get a module without a back panel to mount your single panel in selected places on the ship.

This is the most flexible approach.

With 3D printed panels you have the choice of selecting your own switches, gauges, instruments, indicators and dimensions. You can also choose your own letters and symbols to be engraved on the face of your distribution panel. Select your importat boat informations like MMSI, AIS or boat name and where it should be engraved on your 3D printed switch board.

To make it even more convenient for you, we will label all areas as you need it. One template, several solutions. Almost everything is possible.

Solvit3D_Custom Panel Inscription

You can order this solution in any dimension (width x depth x height) and quantity that you need for your boat’s configuration. Even 1 piece is possible at competitive prices. OR work with us to create your own version.

A design-yourself customizable marine electric panel

Your boat is as unique as you are, and it deserves to be treated that way. Do you want to build a custom switch panel for your boat? We do!

You can start by completing our contact form HERE so we can design you an individual solution and get you a special offer.

Our 3D printed switch panels are the perfect solution for creating a customized boat panel. These panels are built exactly the way you need them, with all of your components included. Plus, they fit into any given cutout and can be mounted in minutes with minimal tools required!

Enhance the character of your boat, do not cut it down to be able to use mass-produced products.

We hope this article has given you a good idea of how to build your own switch panel. The final product can be as simple or complex as you need, but we recommend starting with a basic design and adding new components over time.

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