Solvit3D is DAME DESIGN AWARDS 2023 Nominee

We're proud to announce that we've been nominated for DAME DESIGN AWARDS 2023! We're up for the "comfort & entertainment afloat" award for our innovative technology, MAKRA FLADE - Marine.

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MAKRA FLADE is a seamless leather contouring solution for yacht furniture and interior design. It's the digitisation of genuine leather. MAKRA FLADE - Marine is a flat leather design opportunity especially for boating applications to create never seen 3D textures and upholstery parts.

It is soft, but also contoured—without interruptions!

MAKRA FLADE uses the most modern 3D scanning and 3D printing methods, as well as parametric designs to create patterns and carvings that couldn't be done with traditional fabric processing.


It comes with:

  • More freedom in design
  • Wider processing spectrum
  • Faster delivery of end products
  • Inexpensive tools and tool modifications
  • 100% watertight surfaces*
  • Quality & Engineering Made in Germany

Various textiles, such as leather, imitation leather, Alcantara, felt, and many other fabrics can be processed with MAKRA FLADE.

The blanks resulting from the process can be laminated onto surfaces (e.g. sideboards) and can also be sewn into more complex designs (e.g. upholstery, seat covers, cushions, etc.). Using MAKRA FLADE - Marine is creating more resistant, sustainable and waterproof* results than before.

The designs can be flexibly changed in the existing tool at any time and can also be combined with decorative seams and embroidery patterns, for example, in a waterproof manner.

Unlike hot stamping, blurred transitions are possible. Particularly flat contours can be achieved with a design height of up to 8mm and produced in freely selectable blanks with the proprietary process. Yes, it's a proprietary technology! This means, also by creating a unique project together with us: Your design remains your design!

Make your project stand out by choosing visually appealing designs
your clients can't find anywhere else!



Be sure to check out our MAKRA FLADE product video:
You can also find more details about MAKRA FLADE - Marine
at our online presentation:
List of all nominees:


*) = A waterproof surface is depending on the material choice for processing.

Photos were taken by: Sandra Alekotte (
Acknowledgement for the location: Yachten Meltl Yachtzenturm (

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