Universal mosquito net

Zzzzzzzz.... Slap!
"One of the worst things at a safe anchorage are mosquitos! So what to do in this situation? Together with one of our customers we designed a solution to retrofit a uniquely shaped hatch against mosquitos. We built together with him an universal mosquito net. That net is easily removable and protects from unwanted visitors.

No matter what boat you have, we will 3D print you the spare part that fits."

Mosquitos are a real problem when using your boat in the summer. However, for most older boats and hatches there are no mosquito nets available. Most DIY solutions are permanent and prevent you from closing the hatch quickly. Or you just temporarely attach a loose net onto your hatch and hope the mosquitos will not find a way through.
  • (-) not available for special sizes
  • (-) frameless solutions, or no secure connection to the hull
  • (-) permanent blocking of the hatch


We developed a customizable 3D printed mosquito net frame, adaptable to any hatch shape and size. Easy to attach to your hull and removable within seconds whenever you need to. Sure it is not compareable with a build in mosquito net from late model super yacht, but if used properly it will ensure you a stay without bites and itchy bumps.

  • (+) universal corner parts, standard connectors, easy replacement materials
  • (+) easy DIY solution for your individual hatch
  • (+) quick attachement and removal



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