What do we offer?


We help you design the perfect product for your maritime application. Whether your boat needs specific replacement parts, highly reliable and lightweight performance parts, or unique sculpted details. Available in plastic, metal, ceramic and other special materials.


We can offer both a high-resolution surface scan and a full reverse engineering service to ensure that our product meets your requirements as closely as possible. Possible volumes range from small parts to complete boat hulls, if required.


We offer acknowledged engineering services and methods. In order to always design our products according to the latest findings, we collaborate with independent research institutes in specific development projects for materials, processes and methods.


It may sound impossible, but 3D printing processes are able to realize almost any shape, geometry and complexity. We offer exactly the material combination and production process required for your specific case. Short delivery times are state of the art (<48h express delivery possible).


Our many years of practical expertise in the field of additive manufacturing can be your competitive advantage. Together with our long-term partners, we can provide location and machine-independent 3D printing globally at competitive prices. Other future oriented production processes will be also evaluated and offered if it is beneficial to your project.


Spare parts supply service is an important part of any hardware system solution. We can help you digitalize your products, adapt them to the 3D printing process and thus ensure lifelong availability. This allows you not only on-demand delivery, short lead times without tooling costs, but also the possibility to integrate functions and offer added value through personalization.

Our Popular Materials


PA11 black CF is obtained ecologically from renewable raw materials of the castor plant, naturally dyed black and reinforced with short carbon fibers. 3D Printing gives the parts an anthracite appearance. It is a functionally optimized PA11 for high performance applications.PA11 CF parts have the highest tensile strength and elasticity, high temperature resistance and impact strength. They are resistant to most chemicals and contaminants, have high UV stability and are characterized by low water absorption.


316L is a prime choice for mechanical parts requiring high corrosion resistance, but it is especially beneficial in marine environments. Its resilience against saltwater corrosion ensures long-lasting durability and reduces maintenance for yacht parts. Additionally, 316L's capability to withstand temperatures up to 450°C and its excellent weldability, combining strength with a polished aesthetic appeal for superior yacht design and functionality.


We design and 3D print custom parts for your boat.

Solvit3D GmbH is an engineering bureau for maritime applications. Our goal is to make ideas become three-dimensional. That's why we design visually appealing and technically functional products for the maritime market, using the maximum potential and process speed of 3D printing. Because good product design is sustainable design, realized through future-oriented production processes. The services we offer are based on over a decade of experience with the technology and design.




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We are Alexander and Roman Schmidt, two brothers and engineers born and raised in Bavaria, Germany. We started our own business, Solvit3D GmbH, to use our experience with industrial 3D printing, project management and design to make life and boating easier for skippers, boat owners and maritime businesses. We believe that the 3D printing technology is an ideal fit for the diverse and highly personalized environment of boats.